For 20 years, professionals and institutions in the asset management industry have trusted VDOS to obtain reliable information on investment products, improve marketing efficiency and customer advice, acquire an in-depth knowledge of sector dynamics and measure asset management quality against competition.

VDOS is a company focused on collecting and distributing information on investment funds, sicavs, foreign collective investment institutions and pension funds.

The forum is monitored by Edward Mendelson and me, replies are mostly real quick.

If your issue however seems real specific to your situation/application, or you don’t want it public: Send an email to [email protected](change the "a" to an "o").

Submitting a problem or issue: Describe it as detailed as possible, eventually attach your autoexec and files.

v Dos Setup will install the Base version and patch it to version 20 if selected.

First read the little documentation v Dos has to offer to make it run your application!

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