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They are often regarded as shy, reserved or even snobbish by others.

As these are not considered abnormal behaviors, a real diagnosis may come late in life, or not at all.

Such rigid thinking patterns may make predicting outcomes of situations difficult.

Grown-ups with Aspergers may develop strict lifestyle routines and experience anxiety and distress if that routine is disrupted.

If the answers you get make you suspect Aspergers, you can encourage your partner/spouse to seek medical attention to manage the condition better. Emotional Symptoms— Unlike adults with autism, people with Aspergers want to fit in with others.

Some individuals are successful in their work environment because of their attention to detail and ability to retain information.

Most are rigid and inflexible, making transitions of any type difficult. Common Careers— Adults on the autism/Asperger continuum have sophisticated skills in certain areas, such as those dealing with numbers or art. Careers that do not rely on short-term memory are better suited for an individual on the spectrum.

Appropriate careers include computer and video game design, drafting, commercial art, photography, mechanic, appliance repair, handcraft artisan, engineering and journalism. Communication— Grown-ups with Aspergers may demonstrate unusual non-verbal communication, such as lack of eye contact, limited facial expressions or awkward body posturing.

They may speak in a voice that is monotonous or flat.

They may engage in one-sided conversations without regard to whether anyone is listening to them.

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