Sex chat for the deaf

In HCO, the caller enters his or her message through a TTY device, which is then read to the other party.

While it’s conceivable in modern life, with cell phones and ample means of text and video-based communications, that phone sex could be considered unnecessary, this has not always been the case.

Instead of talking into a mouth piece as with a standard phone, users type the words they wish to share, and read type from their partner on a TTY device’s screen.

TTY devices were originally brought to life by Teletype Corporation, a division of American Telephone and Telegraph Company’s Western Electric, as a development of the company’s printing telegraph research.

We connect elders, individuals with disabilities, and veterans with employment opportunities, housing, and supportive services.

We steer troubled youth towards a more successful path and do everything possible to keep children in our child welfare system safe.

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