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Only smartphone use was indirectly related to this intent.

Both sensation-seeking and smartphone use also had direct relationships with this intent.

The study concludes by discussing the theoretical implications of the model and offering practical recommendations to app companies and public health practitioners.

When taking a look at the offensive production by the Arizona Cardinals so far this season, it’s hard to ignore one glaring statistic.

Furthermore, sensation-seeking and smartphone use had a direct relationship with intent.

Regarding using dating apps for seeking sex, people's attitude and self-efficacy were predictive of such intent.

Agriculture is the main industry in Mississippi, with cotton having overtaken soybeans as the main crop.Request birth, death, and other vital records online.Search for Mississippi recorded documents such as criminal records and judicial court case records.So what is the reasoning behind Arizona’s historically bad start on offense in 2018?Some may turn to the play-calling of Cardinals offensive coordinator Mike Mc Coy.Exemptions to the law are described in the statute.Cases of a government agency denying a request for public records may be pursued through the Mississippi court system for resolution. The city of Jackson contains the most residents and also serves as the state capital.No team’s offense in the NFL has finished with fewer than 23 trips to the end zone in an entire year since 2012.Some fingers can be pointed at Mc Coy for Arizona’s struggles on the offensive side of the ball this season.The Mississippi Public Records Act (MRPA) is the legislation which ensures public access to state government documents, records, and information.Individual government agencies are deemed responsible to maintain the documents they create and for compliance to the open records law.

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