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I've gotten: Jennnifer, Jenebean, Guenevere, Sabrina, Ginevra and Gwendoline. It has gotten to the point where if you don't call me by the right name I won't answer.

For this purpose, there are other people who observe these platforms and evaluate them.My next door neigbour spelt it 'Jenebean' on a Christmas card, so I go by Evie, and people hardly ever get it wrong. There were no other Genevieves in any of my schools while growing up and I've only met one other person with the same name; it's always made me feel very special. plus she had eight kids and none of them named their girls after her. But if I was a boy the name my parents had picked out for me was worse: Rutherford William (R. The one I get constantly is "Guinevere" - There are no "R"s in Genevieve. It's a name that not very common, but it comes with a lot of problems - At least for me. I particularly like Geneviève and when I lived in France, I loved hearing my name pronounced properly.I was named Genevieve because my parents are obsessed with everything French, and if I were a boy I would have been named Henry (pronounced on- ree) and my younger sister is Audrey. I still don't know how my friend's uncle got 'Sabrina'. It's my 4 year old daughters name and we get so many compliments from people of all ages. Genevieve is one of those names that sounds like it would come across as pretentious, but I lived down the street from a little Genevieve for a year, and it sounded natural and fit her comfortably. So when I have my first daughter I plan to name her Genevieve Edith after my grandma. My only problem with it is that people automatically shorten it to "Gen", which I hate.It has always been uncommon but there where one or two other Genevieves we knew. So we call her by her full name, and she is happy with that.It has some beautiful nicknames and is distinctive and elegant. It took her awhile to learn how to spell it, all the E's and V's can be confusing, even for me!The band Sugarland songs a song entitled "Genevieve".Genevieve is a character in a book called "Little Blog On The Praire" for pre-teens and teens.Derived from the Gaulish Genovefa, a name with Celtic roots but the meaning of which is uncertain.The first element is believed to be from genos (race, people, tribe); the second is possibly from an element meaning "woman." Its alteration in the translation from the Celtic to the French seems to be the cause of the confusion.We have no doubt that every modern person has at least one time tried to get acquainted on the Internet.You know that there is absolutely nothing shameful in it.

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