Newsstand covers not updating

Newsstand apps are already in the top of the most purchased apps since i OS 5 released, is this just because of the novelty, or is it here to stay?What do you think of Newsstand, and are you planning on using it?I am using the DPS Professional account - the preview images in the newsstand are not updating ??i usually manage my newsstand issues in itunesconnect manually instead of using the XML feed. Once you start using different apps you’ll notice that some of them have similar interfaces, while some others have their own custom-made interface, like the Esquire app and most newspapers.But there are also some much needed new features that Newsstand brings with it.Don’t think of it as a stand-alone app that will arrange all your stuff like i Books does.

I’m excited to see how the Newsstand will evolve and how big its impact will be.

You could basically look at Newsstand in two ways: calling it a useless feature and saying that it does nothing new as it is just a folder that keeps (already existing) magazine apps; or understanding it as a new way of receiving publications with much needed features like background downloading, which also exposes the average audience to a publishing world in the i Pad that they maybe didn’t know existed. Like is happening with books and the e-reader market, there are a lot of people that just don’t want to give up the feel of reading a physical book.

I’m sure this will also happen for magazine collectors.

Regardless, I think Newsstand has the potential of becoming a much more convenient, comfortable and cheaper way of getting new publications inside a device that you already have with you most of the time.

Like books and newsparers, magazines have also suffered from the evolution of the internet, as they have slowly gotten replaced by websites and blogs that offer the same content without a price tag and with much more immediacy.

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