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Auto-Sync to Watch automatically tries to send your most recent podcasts to your Apple Watch whenever it gets a chance.), but in my testing, I never needed to.

Just pick up your Watch and go, and it’ll already have plenty of podcasts for your outing, all without having to manually sync anything or wait for slow transfers.

Note: If you don’t have the latest backup of your device, make sure to back it up. Though the document does not mention if the repair will be offered free of charge, given the unusual circumstances, Apple may provide the service without any charge. Go to Contact Apple Support page and select i Phone. You might want to refer these posts as well: Tracking down the trending stories that are making headlines on the Internet and exploring Apple devices are what appeal Mr. Aside from catching up with the fun-loving videos and FPS, he likes playing badminton and composing poems!

It’s faster and easier to read analog time with the 1–12 numerals displayed on a watch, but many people prefer the cleaner look of a watch that uses lines, dots, or other shapes as hour markers instead.

The watch OS volume widget offers minimal customization: just the color of the circle.

The Overcast 5.0.1 update, due out in a few days, makes Watch transfers even more reliable. Found a better way after 5.0 was approved.) And Watch-crown volume control!

Finally, the best way to use Overcast from your Apple Watch isn’t to delete it, letting the Now Playing app show up instead.

While Explorer omits minute markings altogether, Simple bafflingly uses 30-second markings in place of its minute track, making time-telling even harder.

I’ve never seen another watch with sub-minute markings identical to its minute markings.

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