Get back into dating scene

When women are involved in dating after 30, they pay attention to man’s ability to take care of them.Care does not necessarily mean gifts, flowers, and paying the bill.

Remember that support is the basis of any relationship and nobody wants to spend time on a person who is not capable to do that.

In fact, life after thirty is different from life after twenty because you have more money, more professional background and experience as a whole, perhaps you already have your own property, you have visited several countries and you are a good judge of character.

In some countries, people consider the age of "30" to be sacred, but it’s necessary to leave this relic of the past behind.

When one relationship ends painfully, it can be very difficult to believe in love again and to unburden oneself to a new person at least a little.

However, it is necessary to do that in order to live a full life again.

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