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in HD as soon as possible (after all, all those channels broadcast in HD down south), and re-assign the 650 - 658 group of channels as their 'HD news group package'. Rogers Media files an application with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission to change programming conditions on The Score's specialty channel licence to reduce sports highlight segments during live sports programming from airing every 15 minutes to airing once hourly.), and assign Channels 650 - 658 as their News Channel package, sort of how they now make 90 - 105 their News grouping (CTV News, CNN, Headline News, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.) in the standard digital package.Here's hoping the folks at Telus Optk TV will add CTV News, CNN, Headline News, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.Bell TV becomes the first Canadian satellite provider to offer community channels, with the addition of seven channels to its line-up serving Chetwynd and Valemount, British Columbia; Neepawa, Manitoba; Hay River, Northwest Territories; Arichat, Nova Scotia; Leamington, Ontario and St. Global News: BC 1, a Shaw Media-owned regional cable news channel focusing on Vancouver and the province of British Columbia, launches.The channel is the first regional cable news channel in Canada located outside of Ontario.

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City expands into Eastern Canada full-time as multicultural station CJNT/Montreal begins running City's full national schedule, effectively turning CJNT into an owned-and-operated station of the Rogers Media-owned system (City's programming had been seen part-time since June 2012, alongside multicultural programs from Omni); the station also changed its on-air branding from "Metro 14" to "City Montreal".

Bold carries a broad range of different programming that it describes as "focusing on the lives of rural Canadians."Some of the series that airs on its channel include repeats of Party Down, a comedy about a catering company, and Skins, a dramatic series following a group of British teenagers dealing with a culture of sex, drugs, school and friends.

Blue Ant has said the Bold channel has about 2.6 million subscribers across the country.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has received approval from the federal government to sell the digital specialty channel Bold.

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