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“We used to say in rehearsal, ‘If Danny doesn’t get a laugh with a line, it’s not funny,’ ” recalls series co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson. Babcock(played by Lauren Lane) catching him dancing in his underwear. “That relationship carried over.” The never-married Davis, 54, who lives in Westwood, Calif., recently spent six months in New York City in the Broadway drama Wrong Mountain, which earned him a Tony nomination for his portrayal of a hammy actor. “I thought the writers should deal with it in some way, but they tried to hide it, which was laughable.” The show’s crew, however, “did nothing but bend over backward to make it easy for me,” recalls Lane.

Drescher is working on a screenplay based on a 1998 article she wrote about dating for Harper’s Bazaar.Unfortunately, most producers and directors are still doing just that.“I hear, ‘They know me, they love me—but I’m not right for this part,’ ” she says.“It was one of those spur-of-the-moment inspiration things.” Not that she’s shopping for a new profession.“I like having a lot of creative outlets,” she says.“It was painful to see her and Peter breaking up,” says Drescher’s TV mom, Renée Taylor.The couple filed for divorce last October, and Drescher is adjusting to living alone with her Pomeranian pooch Chester, now 18.So good that, at first, none of his costars had any idea he’d been born and raised in Little Rock. 2, and they bought it,” says Davis, who has had more than two decades of classical theater training. BABCOCK In 1997, Lauren Lane faced a dreaded acting challenge: pretending she wasn’t pregnant even though she was.“We had finished the pilot before I told anyone I wasn’t British.” While the accent was fake, Davis’s comedy skills were the real deal. “I was as big as a house,” says Lane, 39, whose character on the show was unattached.“I’m busy making my home my home,” she says of the two-bedroom Malibu beach house she bought in 1997.“But I do have moments where my old self grabs me and I begin to get scared—what have I done?

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