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He informs new students that only "some lawyers are sharks.The rest are chum." Ridiculed Elle finds emotional support in brassy Bostonian hairdresser Paulette (Orfeh) and academic motivation from Emmett (Christian Borle), the teaching assistant-cum-working-class hero cast as improved romantic-fadeout material.Heading to Harvard Law in the fall, with plans to be "a senator by 30," Warner can't afford anymore to have a living Barbie as consort. Latter duet is a good example of how "Legally Blonde" composer-lyricists Laurence O'Keefe ("Bat Boy") and Nell Benjamin utilize the pop, R&B and hip-hop party sounds of recent MTV decades to enjoyably semi-satirical ends -- after all, boy bands, "American Idol"-style canned soul and booty-shaking anthems would be the logical soundtrack for Elle's worldview.On first listen, the songs don't impress as being worth much repetition outside the show's infectious performance context.), but she engagingly makes the role her own even as she delivers a faithful reproduction of its originator's (nonsinging) character voice.

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Stepping into those spike-heeled shoes is Laura Bell Bundy, whose ditz credentials are in full order following turns as the original Amber in Broadway's "Hairspray" and replacement to Chenoweth's Glinda in "Wicked." Bundy may not have Witherspoon's radiant warmth (who does?

" But in fact, she's a 4.0 UCLA student -- albeit in fashion merchandising.

Opening number "Omigod You Guys," the first of many effectively rousing interludes, has her equally squeal-inclined sorority sisters at Delta Nu athrall with anticipation for Elle -- because tonight is the night perfect boyfriend Warner (Richard H. Instead of popping the question, however, he pops her balloon.

Blake) has just dumped her because as a man with his political games needs "less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie." Warner's off to Harvard Law School, and rather than be a victim, Elle decides to follow him.

This means we get a massive production number called "What You Want" in which Elle's a-poppin'.

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